Duro-Last Roofing Systems
Duro-Last is a custom prefabricated single ply material that is produced in a quality controlled environment. It is engineered for its longevity and cost effectiveness. Simple and proven installation techniques provide for a fast and economical roof installation. Each roof installation is installed by D. Thomas Roofing  a factory trained authorized contractor and inspected on completion by a Duro-Last inspector assuring you your roof will meet Duro-Last stringent commercial standards. Duro-last offers a 15 and 20 year commercial warranty. Duro-Last offers a 15 year residential warranty.  Duro-Last is excellent for both re-roofing and new construction.


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D. Thomas Roofing Co. provides a comprehensive range of services in the metal roofing industry.  We offer repairs to existing metal roofs, new metal roof installation and roof replacement.

The metal roofing industries has grown extremely fast in the last 10 years and we believe the customers need to be more informed of the pro’s and cons of the different systems and types of metal so give D. Thomas Roofing a call and let us help you make the right choice for your roof.


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